You haven’t heard from us in a while. And you might noticed from the map that we are still in America… Here’s why:

You know when you start a book, a great book, ones of those during which each page delivers so much character development, intrigue and poetry that it is damn near impossible to put down, even for chocolate? That is what this trip has felt like for us so far, every country a chapter, every neighborhood a character, every day containing a twist or three, keeping us fascinated in the world and obsessed with finding our place in it. But sometimes, even in the middle of a great book, particularly a thick one like this, something comes up, something you have to take care of and you have to slide a bookmark in so you don’t lose your place. It might be disappointing, it might stop your momentum, it might make you thirst for more, but it must be done! And that’s what we have to do with this trip today, put a bookmark in it… but for a very good cause.

Without going into any detail, for this is quite a personal matter, we are staying in the United States for awhile, and not just to make our votes count against an increasingly possible Trump presidency. We shall form a community once again with our families and friends, from whom we have been far for too long. We are settling in the North-East to lend a needed hand, and as time goes, I will of course use these pages to tell you more. For now, we are looking to rebuild some roots near Philadelphia, find a home, a car, a school for the kids to give us the time to think how we can best be of use. It is very, very strange.

So as we learn again to “buy one, get one free” and get used once again to the “new box, same GREAT taste,” after a few years in the wilderness, we are constantly fine-tuning our plan for the second half so that we may one day learn again from the world and entertain with our films, photos and stories from our silly kind of Partridge Family, gone awry. Thank you for your viewership and you shall know when we’re on the road again, either here or on theaptBROADCAST. We are incredibly thankful for what we got to do, writing so many unexpected chapters in the book of our lives, it’s been… swell.

The Bouvarez.

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  1. Christine
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    (And if this platform won’t accept emojis, [trans.] I’m sending big, violaceous love.)

    • stefan
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      Sadly it doesn’t accept emojis but I sure am dying to know what the graphic representation of “violaceous” might be…

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