We’re going to take 29 planes in 12 months so we looked for the toughest thing around. Consistently, the products from the good people at Briggs and Riley come to the top of every list so we’re putting one Large and one Medium Upright Duffle to the test. 125.9 Liters for $529, I hope it will be worth it.

The children are getting International Carry-Ons from the same Briggs & Riley. We are actually checking in only the essentials for all 4 of us into those 2 bags (one for each kid) so that if the big ones get lost, which will happen at least a couple of times, we have a few days’ worth of clothes to parade in as we wait for the insurance money to roll in.

Cubes are especially great when you’re unloading for the month in each location. The first set is from Eagle Creek, the second from Z-Pac and the shoes cozy from Ecosusi. All that packing has made me thirsty for Pink Lemonade. Yes, Pink Lemonade.


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