To withstand all kind of abuse from sea, rocks, fire and priests, I researched A LOT of hiking packs but they pretty much all looked offensive. Them by chance, Mandarina Duck just received a new collection where I feel in love with the seemingly serviceable and beautiful Mandarina Duck River Zaino. We shall see if it’s as useful as it is pretty but I have high hopes.

For Gina, a slightly smaller and lighter version of my River Zaino that can also turn into a tote, very practical and ultimately a great-looking bag that she’ll be able to use anywhere, whether to a rugged adventure or a soirée in the Galapagos Islands, whatevs. Get it directly from mandarina duck or your nearest dealer of all things beautifully portable.

For Zoel, our 12 year-old, the Patagonia Travel Tote disappears in its own pocket when not in use, which is the coolest. For Leeloo, from the height of her 3-foot frame, she can’t be dragging behind because her pack is too big, that’s when the crocs get you, so this 15-liter Patagonia Kid’s Pack should be perfect.

First , a Scottish Silkworm Sleeping Bag Liner because we don’r know the conditions we’ll be sleeping in. Same with towels, so Microfiber Sheets will come in handy. Water bottles take up room when empty in already crowded day-packs but not so with the Platypus PlusBottle which rolls up once drunk. Which we will be most of the time.

This Travel Clothesline should solve the underwear-drying-in-the-living-room problem and even though those things give me violent summer camp flashbacks, the Eagle Creek Pack-it Wallaby will be useful. Also, I believe bringing our own pillows will decrease the agita associated with sleeping in numerous and strange beds for 12 months.

We should be fine filtering all the bear poop out of streams with the Sawyer Mini which removes 99.99999% of all bacteria. And I’m sure there will be times when that bird will be too damn far for proper fawning, so… BOOM, Waterproof Nikon 7238! Airline baggage overages are INSANE so the Kikkerland Travel Scale will help us balance all our bags properly.


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