Everything starts with my trusted iPhone 6 which will be my computer, my guide, my friend, my boarding pass but most importantly, camera accompanied by a few friends like the Moment lenses, one wide (18mm) and one telephoto (60mm,) a Zoom IQ5 microphone and spare batteries from Limefuel in 6000 mAh and 15600 mAh capacities.

If those batteries run out, the Instapark Mercury 10 solar charger comes in. With 2 USB plugs for a couple of devices, it even works on on cloudy days! For steady shooting, I begin with the incredible Zipshot tripod which folds just a foot long and unfolds like nunchucks in about 1 second, leveling easily. Coupled with a glif to hold the phone, I am set.

But how about dollies shots? Well, the mobislyder should help with that. Also very useful for camera moves (ONLY) is, I hate to even say it, the selfie stick… For that task, I chose the LOOQ DG, because the Wall Street Journal said so. And finally, the car shots will be made possible by the mount that firefighters, police forces, and even the US military use, the RAM X-Grip.

I cannot imagine a year on the road without my 700 Gigs of music + I want to get rid of the white noise anywhere possible = the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0. The kids have their beautiful UrbanEars Plattan ADV while Gina is fine with her EarPods. For outdoor fun, the winner of the best rugged and bassy speaker-off is the UE Boom.

A Lifeproof Fre waterproof case should allow for wet Tahitian shots. And the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will help type up these posts. I will also record an album while on the road, a follow up to The Pressure, so the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 to plug into the iPad and record demos with on GarageBand is a must.

The Scosche charger, consistently rated the fastest, has made it into the apparatus. Because it allows me to do away with the dock, the Native Union Night Cable has a heavy slide-able knot that stays put on the night table. For Zoel’s MacBook Air, I have purchased two 2TB Seagate drives, one with all the music and the other to unload the video footage.

Various sizes of these waterproof bags are great and so is this incredible OneAdaptr, a Kickstarter success story. And my apps: TripIt, well worth for late flight notifications. Triposo containing a wealth of info. Trying Findery to see the adventures it recommends and GLP, a crowdsourced solution to what is ahead. Tripomatic and AirBnb round out the selection.


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