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Any attempt to try and sum up our experience in Peru using words would be a foolish one. We did more there in a month than in any other country so far, and it shows in the 50-minute running time of this footage… Peru is a wondrous place, filled with innumerable stories, so many kind people and so much Quinoa. So much Quinoa.

It takes me about a month or so to get around to editing my footage after we leave each place and I was scared of what I would find in my hard drive this time and because we visited so many incredible places and experienced things we never had before and my finger scarcely leaves the record button when that happens. I was right to be apprehensive, my footage of Peru tallied up to almost a Terabyte, I had some work ahead of me! As I edit, moments, days, sometimes weeks fall by the wayside and on the cutting room floor, deemed unimportant to the story of that particular place but I was hard pressed to find such moments in Peru. As I try not only to relate what we did, it is as important for me to try and make you feel the way we feel when we’re there in that time, with those people. And Peru felt delightfully drawn out, taking us happy campers by the hand and nudging us to have one more experience, come on, just this one more… You can can see it all here on tape going from Lima, to Chiclayo to Ica to Huacachina to Nazca to Cuzco to Lares for the walk of our lives, where my brother Sebastien joined us to test together our mettle. Are we as lazy and sedentary as the Huffington Post’s Living section keeps telling us we are, or could we find unused discipline, dignity and self-respect buried deep within each of us? I couldn’t wait to find out, especially with my son Zoel by my side, as we endeavoured to walk the four days required to reach The Mighty ‘Chu by foot.

Thank you Peru for having given us so much during these four weeks of discovery, self and otherwise, we will never forget you. Now, cozy up to a loved one, give the dog some extra water, fire up the popcorn, and let me take you there… Welcome to Peru!

Tired? I know, us too… And here are the pictures I have left, due to my falling down the stairs and destroying my hard drive containing all my albums, including those from Peru, which I had not backed up… Dummy.

Or see all the photos directly on Flickr.

Read all the stories here.

Filmed with the iPhone 6.
Augmented by Moment Lenses
Edited with FCPx

Music Selections (in order):

1. Lush Life By Tom Misch.
2. Three Pieces for Solo Cello: Rosewood By Yo-Yo-Ma.
3. Kiss By Dela.
4. Mishima / Opening By Philip Glass.
5. Concorde By Franck Pourcel.
6. Fade Out By Jazzanova.
7. Hanazono By Jazzanova.
8. Death and the Flower By Keith Jarrett.
9. The Return to the City By John Williams.
10. World Citizen: Re-Cycled By Ryuichi Sakamoto.
11. Drum Lesson I By Christian Prommer.
12. Drum Lesson III By Christian Prommer.
13. III Allegro Molto By Béla Bartók.
14. White By Miles Davis intermixed with…
15. Yellow By Miles Davis.
16. Billy The Kid Suite: The Open Prairie Again By Aaron Copland.

All links lead to the iTunes Music Store except 1. and 3. which lead to BandCamp.

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