When you tell people you’re going to Peru, one refrain comes back again and again, “climbing up to The ‘Chu?” and “you’re going to love the food!” Picture us excited because there’s nothing we like more than exercising, our colons. Okay, Gina is flagging my language so I’ll just speak for myself then. Also, nobody says The ‘Chu.

We first found out about the world-renowned Astrid & Gaston empire from Alejandra and her friends back in Bogota and it all sounded too good to be true. Three restaurants in one complex, all offering delicious, locally-sourced meals prepared with global sophistication?…


We went to La Barra, the Gastro Pub next to the fancier dining room. Well, as these things tend to go, it was indeed too good to be true. The place was nice enough, actually more than nice enough, rather downright williamsburghish…




And even though I never drink beer, I had to try one brewed at The ‘Chu (I’m starting something, leave me alone) and I must say it was pretty disgusting and only interesting because I could take a picture of the awesome bottle and post it here.


The falafel was good but sadly not delicious, something that happens when you put the fancy ahead of the taste, especially with a simple dish.


The others, meaning my family, had better luck with their dishes but were still a bit let down since our expectations were so high…




That said, I was not unhappy to bide my time because I had seen something at the back of the menu that looked important, something called “Bomba De Chocolate…” We ordered it and, lo and behold, they were out… What? The look on our faces must have looked like Mel Gibson’s after he realizes Sean has been snatched away from the park in Ron Howard’s 1996 crowd-pleasing Ransom. Long story short, she convinced the chef to make a small Bomba just for us out of the ingredients he had left in his open kitchen. It arrived, I touched it and it was wonderful, much like most orbs will be in the future.


Filled with, yes, chocolate but also goat milk Ice Cream, Bananas, freshly whipped cream and more, I was only able to enjoy a little before Jiminy Cricket warned me of the dire consequences on my ability to climb The ‘Chu was I to continue to ingest this artery buster. So I stopped but not before enjoying the aghast looks on the late arrivals’ faces surrounding our table, as you can see in the video above, just told there was really no more now.

The next day, we went to a local clinic to get Gina seen for a stomach pain (no worries, please) and our minds were delightfully blown back into medieval times by the intake form, asking not only for her name, not only her mother’s name BUT HER HUSBAND’S NAME!!! You know, so a human person of actual worth can be contacted in case something happens?…


Anyway, we were hungry and walked around our lovely neighborhood of Miraflores, tipped off by a side editorial in a 5-year old magazine found at the doctor’s office, looking for La Gastronoma, a supposedly wonderful, and simple, small place with a courtyard. We arrived, we smelled, we loved…




The food there was just tasty, just beautiful, and offered with kindness and generosity…




No Bomba, just deliciousness. I highly recommend you pay them a visit for Lunch when in Lima, you won’t regret it. You also won’t regret a glass of this amazing Biodynamic white…


Walking around the rest of the day, there was much to see. And even though I’m tiring of cities, it is nice to find your night cream refill once in a while, I mean, we’re not savages!



The ritual of replacing your SIM card in every country is starting to get on my nerves since every single one has its own backwards way of opening an account, activating it and paying for recharging, even when it’s the same brand! They have these large flagship stores in which, I kid you not, they insert the SIM you just bought by inserting it into their flip phones and turning it on from there… I never thought I would miss AT&T but I do.

Not again...
Not again…

Is anything better than street bread? No. There isn’t.


You want Chilean olive oil? done. And delish.


For some reason, our adopted home town of Bologna figures prominently in the naming nomenclature of various Limenios areas? Go figure…


Eventually landing us in Barranco, the artsy side of town, where we met Mari Solari, the Welsh proprietor of Las Pallas, an incredible curio shop that’s in her house and filled to the rim, with incredible objects, innumerable textiles and a hairless dog. Everything in there is still handmade and crafted by artisans, not the same as the crap you will be sold in most tourist traps around town. Of course, already packed to the point of implosion, we cannot buy anything anywhere we go but this place, and its owner, are worth a stop.




Can’t wait to explore some more…

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