The second film in our globe-trotting film festival tells the story of our short stint in Panama. After our three exhausting weeks in Costa Rica, we needed a rest and finding Gina’s cousin Andy just a 15-hour bus ride away was the perfect remedy our broken-down bodies were looking for…

Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos, and so the bus line that was to take us out of the country was the Tica Bus, about which, after perhaps only two hours of riding, my family went full delirium and started making songs about, to the delight of other passengers…

Once there, in our short amount of time, we celebrated Leeloo’s ninth birthday, witnessed the celebration of human ingenuity at The Canal and attended a wedding. A short but sweet week! Enjoy…

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Filmed with the iPhone 6.
Augmented by Moment Lenses (
Edited with FCPx

Music Selections (in order):

1. Tica Bus by Gina Alvarez, Zoel & Leeloo Boublil: Not available for purchase at this time.
2. Visions of Joy by The Beauty Room
3. First Sleep (From Solaris) by Cliff Martinez

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