Hello dear visitor and welcome to our madness! My family and I decided a while back that before our kids were too grown and our knees unresponsive, we would like to take one big shot at trying, if not to understand, at least to witness the world as it is now, before we, and probably it, goes awry. “Foreign-soiled experiences,” we have come to call them, some already documented. After doing our best not to interfere with a 12 and 8 year-old’s schedule, there is a point at which you still want, nay need, to see more, eat differently, meet new people and you discover that it is impossible without seriously messing with everyone’s life. That is why we asked ourselves if we would ever be the kind of people who can take a year off and discover what the world actually feels like, not a point-of-interest journey but an attempt at being there, everywhere. My wife’s answer? A very strong maybe. And so, here we are, a few years after that question was first posed and we are packing our bags in order to follow the map you see below, designed according to two rules: Only to travel to countries none of us had ever been to and to stay in each place about a month, enough time to hopefully get to know our neighbors, vegetable vendors and neighborhood kids.

That is the plan at least, we shall see. So, follow us around and please, please hit us up with advice and recommendations if you have them at, or edit our Bouvarez Google Map™ with places or spaces you think we should see, we will need all the help we can get!

Thank you!
Stefan, Gina, Zoel & Leeloo


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