Hello, my name is Stefan (né Stephane but for reasons both useful and foolish, I thought the Dutch spelling would make my life easier when I moved from my native France to my adopted New York City at the tender age of 18.) and it is my family’s pleasure to welcome you to the next year of our lives! For the tiniest of biographical information, my wife Gina and I are 44 and 46, respectively and together we founded in 2000 a design store and creative agency called The Apartment where we both learned a great deal about what makes people tick. So much so, in fact, that about a dozen years later, we found ourselves wanting more to learn, see and experience than what the city had to offer. We moved upstate but that wasn’t enough. We moved to Bologna, Italy but that wasn’t enough. So here we are, now founders of the BOUVAREZ RELOCATION PROGRAMME, an exceedingly clever combination of our last names as well as the British spelling of programme because screw you spellcheck!…

Zoel and Leeloo, ingrates.

As we started planning the possibility of this trip, we realized there would be SO MUCH to report in the next 12 months as we do this crazy thing that we needed a place to collect our thoughts, pictures and films, all organized, categorized and tagged, so we built this little thing. We are not the first of course to take a year or 2 off to see if this world is as interesting as National Geographic has been assuring us it is and most of the people who do this have set up some form of checklist and diary to help the ones who come after. And so must we pay it forward and catalog our things, right turns, wrong turns and tantrums, you will see it all here. Make sure to check out our pre-trip gear and see what is destroyed or found useless in the first week (the office pool says the Travel Clothesline.) Then come back to the front page which we will update as often as possible, reporting on the beauty of air travel, exotic meals and teaching children, aged 9 and 12 at departure time, not only the IB curriculum pertaining to their level, but the beauty of life.

Ok, I’m going to go vomit now. Cheers, don’t hesitate to comment on everything and see you soon!

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  1. Joel

    Enjoy, will be keeping track of your adventures. Please dont forget to check in with Consulates and Embassies RSO (regional Security Office) as you travel through, they are full of usefull info. The world is as unpredictable as it is beatifull, so its good to have a plan…;-)

    • stefan

      Thank you Joel. And we are indeed checked in all around and have already been receiving ALL the warnings! Boy are there a lot of protests everywhere!

  2. Sandy Heims

    So very cool! Wishing you all safe travels and a wonderful experience!


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