Here it is, the first of what will hopefully be 16 films that we make along the year, as we jump from country to country and observe the world around us, and sometimes even get involved…

As we make our way through Central and South America in the first leg of this world tour, Costa Rica was an incredible first stop. For people seeking wonder as well as willful discomfort, escaping the increasingly boring ease and luxuries of the big cities, it is in fact, arguably, the perfect stop, for you are dropped in the middle of a world in which you are the anomaly. It’s literally a trip. There wasn’t a day I can remember when we weren’t in awe of the fullness this earth of ours has to offer, sadly previously only experienced interrupted by commercials. We were constantly looking left, right, up and down, hoping not to miss anything, which is really tiring on the neck.

So I can’t help but want to cobble together our visual memories as quickly as possible, so that I may capture the feeling of what it was like to be there, to go around together. Costa Rica, as you can see from these pages, was a cornucopia of activities, wonder and discovery which I think the short film below sums up adequately enough, well, as much as 3 weeks can be summed up in 30 minutes… I hope you enjoy it and are perhaps inspired to join us sometime, somewhere, you know the map… (Stream it on your TV if you can, my Vimeo name is stefanboublil)

And for those who enjoy pictures but with less vertigo, check out the photo album:

(Or jump directly to Flickr)

As for the details, here’s the full list of stuff:

Filmed with the iPhone 6.
Augmented by Moment Lenses
Edited with FCPx

Music Selections (in order):

02. Asi Es La Vida by Roberto Fonseca
03. Mi Tierra by Gloria Estefan
04. Goldfinger Theme by Franck Pourcel
05. Gretel (Live) by Snarky Puppy
06. Dracula Enters by Philip Glass
07. Spring 0 by Max Richter
08. Armellodie by Gonzales
09. Flickermood by Forss
10. The Journey by Tom Misch

All music links take you to iTunes.

PS: The Gary to whom we wish a happy birthday in the video is no other than my friend, extraordinary filmmaker Gary Nadeau.

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