You probably know that the country is peppered with thousands of Sodas, these neighborhood cafés that are damn near impossible to tell from one another. Which is a tourist trap? Which is carefully choosing its ingredients and making truly delicious and local fare? In our three weeks here, we’ve already stepped in our fair share of dives but one stands out way above the rest where we are now, in the Platanillo area, Soda La Peña.


Once again recommended by Karl over at Diamanté Verde because it’s both delicious and next to his office, this particular Soda is the embodiment of a find. A major reason I say this is because Mario, the proprietor, has introduced to my lips the Avocado Batido, a blended mixture of avocado, milk and a soupçon of sugar, the taste of which I have not yet begun to fully comprehend…


Accompanied with a sumptuous veggie-stuffed flat bread, gooey from the melted cheese, this meal was seriously the best I have had since we’ve been here.


And they even grow some of their own vegetables in the back!


It was so good, we couldn’t resist abiding by the tradition of inscribing our passage of the walls of this establishment…


I couldn’t more highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s awesome. We’re going back for our last meal before leaving for Panama.


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