I feel like our trip started in earnest only yesterday… See, when I saw that one-too-many show on the discovery channel 4 years ago and the idea to take my family around the world hatched in my head, what I really meant was that I didn’t want to merely watch TV anymore but BE IN the tv, be with the men and women who scour the earth in search of adventure, otherness and strange meats!

I finally took baby steps in that direction yesterday when we travelled 3.5 hours from our lovely beach town to the Arenal Volcano where much rainforest-trekking, canopy zip-lining and boozy hot-springing would be waiting for us…

In the middle of our journey, through innumerable switchbacks at the side of gorgeous Lake Arenal, we had probably the loveliest meal so far at Café Y Macademia, where the food is grown, not bought, and sitting on a Macadamia nut farm, the floor littered with old shells, we just gazed at the view…


The whole time, although quite enjoying my delicious avocado papaya sandwich (on homemade bread!) I was thinking of my little nephew Milo who has a DEADLY Macadamia nut allergy and who wouldn’t be able to set foot in this place. – sad emoticon –

Then we finally got to his highness…


So imposing and foreboding it is to see a volcano IN FUCKING PERSON! After 4 days of beach (about which I’m not about to complain) I was very excited, as you may be able to discern from the video snippet above.

First thing’s first: The Probability of Death.

Gina’s mom is going to kill me for this but I took her daughter and grandkids zip-lining 1000 feet above and through the rainforest. And it was magical. Leeloo, at 8 YEARS OLD, and zoel, usually fearful that the universe is expanding at too great a pace, acquitted themselves incredibly well of a situation not unlike ritual suicide. As you can see, their mother was none too calm…


When at the top, we were presented with cables stretching from your hand and then disappearing where?…


I will be documenting all of this in moving images, I promise, there’s A LOT of great footage, but I don’t have time to edit more than these snippets for now, I have to LIVE a little dammit! Just like Gina finally felt upon arrival on the other side…


After all that heart-stopping, we went right into a 3-hour hike in the rainforest, walking over canyons on flimsy sky bridges that span up to 1500 feet! Again, you could barely see the end but it made you feel alive!


Walking for this long inside un-fucked-with nature was absolutely wonderful, reminiscent of my Brazilian Amazon trip from a couple of years ago. We got to see some penis trees…


…some vagina trees…


…and then, well, waterfalls…


Not many animals, apart from deadly red ants and a couple of monkees, were seen on this trek, but it certainly was a great rehearsal for our 4-day Machu Picchu hike we’ll be doing in Peru in a couple of months. We took our final staircase down back to basecamp, grabbed a well-deserved snack and drove the 3 hours back “home.”


It was a great small adventure to get us started, mostly because I felt like I was IN the tv, FINALLY!

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  1. Deborah
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    Did you say avocado and papaya sandwich?!!!!! Yummers and so fun on the trek. Love!

    • stefan
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      Wait till my report on today’s lunch, where I had an Avocado Batido! Best thing that’s ever been in my mouth, which is saying A LOT!

  2. Ada
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    Looks and sounds amazing!

  3. Daisy A.
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    Ok. Self, Breathe in, breathe out

  4. Gary
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