The third stop on this now well-underway journey is a land once feared by tourists all over the world. I remember a time when even saying the names of towns such as Bogota or Medellin as possible travel destinations conjured fear and confusion in one’s friends and family. Those faces haven’t completely gone away as we saw when we put Colombia squarely on our map but the violent reputation of the country certainly has.

A modern and world-class capital, Bogota is a city I would recommend be on anyone’s itinerary, not least because it is a great bridge for those coming from the North who want to discover the South, but are a little bit scared of going “down there…” It has become quite a sophisticated place, filled with globally-aware people, a functioning urban plan, restaurants to die for and Uber, what more could you ask for?

The rest of the country is chockfull of wonderful escapades too, as you’ll see above, from Choco to Cartagena and worth every minute you spend there, hopefully going as far as Santa Marta to visit with the Mamos (spiritual guides who live in the mountains.) We spent three weeks going around and are overjoyed we got meet up with Gina’s college friend Alejandra and seen her country up close, it was just incredible.

Now, to compress those three weeks into twenty-two minutes!

Pro-tip: Be in Bogota while watching Netflix’s Narcos, it’s like FEEL-AROUND TV!

Or see all the photos on Flickr directly if you like.

Filmed with the iPhone 6.
Augmented by Moment Lenses
Edited with FCPx

Music Selections (in order):

1. Revolutionary Road By Thomas Newman.
2. Tribute By Robert Glasper.
3. Quiet Life By Five Owls Band.
4. Before The Rising Sun By Tom Misch.
5. Mission (Orchestral Version) By Josh.
6. Come Back By Tom Misch.
7. Abdulmajid By Philip Glass.
8. B3 – Lazy By Count Lazy & Funkbademeister.
9. Epilogue By Bill Evans.

All music links take you to iTunes. Except 4. and 8. which take you to BandCamp

PS: If you’re wondering why we have another birthday message in this video (the first one was to Gary in the Costa Rica film), that is because we enjoy wishing our friends’ gregorian calendar-based milestones in cinematic style and Mr. Benavidez’ happy time coincided with our visit to Los Rosarios islands!) There is bound to be more to come in the next year, probably…

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  1. Begonia
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    I loved it so much! It is so well filmed..! Stefan you are an artist! Something good will come with this bouvarez relocation program.., an Oscar, a Cannes Gold Palm.. 🙂
    Looking forward for more!

    • stefan
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      You flatter me Bego… But I’ll take it gracefully. Thank you!

  2. sara
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    what a perfect gift to give your children. inspiring and simply beautiful. –sara walsh


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