After the (over-) excitement of this month, we decided it was high time to take a few days “off” to relax our older-than-we-thought bones. Every month, in each country, we seem to naturally go hard for three weeks and spend the last one to edit, write, teach and, most importantly, catch up on sleep. So that’s what we’re doing today, and the next few, in Reñaca, next to Viña Del Mar, itself about a half hour from Valparaiso, where we were advised not to stay for reasons of dirt, noise and violence. But we went there today and couldn’t see much, if any, of that. Valparaiso, famed for its street elevators and vibrant street art scene felt so alive, so present, so 90s NYC that it was hard for us not to fall in love with a little bit, I mean, just look…


We liked it so much that we came for breakfast…


…and didn’t leave until dinner at Hotel Fauna where we got a table which was later be split between outside and inside, the perfect way to finish and evening with your wife when you’ve heard a bit too much from your lovely children for four straight months… The waiters were horrified.


We very much recommend a fortnight here if you’re in hood!

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